As I mentioned in the first post of this series the intention is to port an fbdev driver to DRM. In this article I will present the hardware I will use for that purpose.

Raspberry Pi 4

The Raspberry Pi is a small board, the first version of which was introduced in 2012. This board is very well known and well supported. I was lucky enough to buy one two years ago while there was a shortage, so I will use it for development purposes.

The next diagram shows the pinout for the board. I’ll use it later on to show how to connect everything.

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AZDelivery 12864

The AZDelivery 12864 is a monochromatic LCD Display Module. It has a resolution of 128x64 and it’s very easy to find and buy. The controller is compatible with KS0108.

The display diagram:

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How to connect it

Below is the table explaining how to connect the PINs to each other.

Raspberry Pi 4 AZDelivery 12864
6 (Ground) 1 (GND)
4 (5V power) 2 (VCC)
4 (5V power) 3 (V0)
24 (GPIO 8 CE0) 4 (RS)
19 (GPIO 10 MOSI) 5 (R/W)
23 (GPIO 11 SCLK) 6 (E)
4 (5V power) 19 (BLA)
6 (Ground) 20 (BLK)

These are some picture of the final result:

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